Philadelphia Vegan Eating Guide
Part I

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-Mama's Vegetarian (Middle Eastern)Location: 18 S 20th StPhiladelphia, PA 19103
Price: $$4-$8Atmosphere: Small but has a few tables
Pros:Amazing falafel sandwiches great service! (I actually dropped $60 in cash there, and came back 20 minutes later to find they had kept it for me)
Cons: The Bourekas aren't very crunchy, but other than that I have enjoyed all of my experiences at Mama's. It can get busy at lunch time, but they are pretty good at getting orders out quickly. UPDATE: A new Mama's has opened on South St., but is NOT entirely vegetarian.

-Vesuvio (Italian/American)Location: 736 S. 8th (8th and Fitzwater)
Price: $14-$18Atmosphere: Bar/pool table downstairs, fancier dining upstairs
Pros:Separate Veg menu
Cons: We really tried to give Vesuvio a chance. At first we were very excited about being able to enjoy some Italian favorites with out meat-eating friends. It seems as though as soon as Vesuvio became a bit popular their service and veg. menu started to suffer. After two times visiting with no issue, we went back to a 40 minute wait for our food (and the appetizer arrived the same time as out entrees!) and the waitress wasn't sure how vegan the cheese was. I complained to the management and they gave us a gift certificate to try them again,next time we went we found that the veg menu had shrunk in size and we had another 40 minute wait in store for us!.I have since gone back, but only when I am with really picky meat eating friends who won't try Govinda's. Needless to say, it is an option, just not my favorite one.

-Dahlak (Etrian/Ethiopian)Location: 4708 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143
Price: $12-$24 Atmosphere: Very earthy, not fancy
Pros: Eating with your hands is always fun, and Dahlak has made it even better. Although news has come that Dahlak has been sold to new owners who will be adding Indian food to the menu, I am told that the current menu will remain the same.
Cons: Some that are used to really spicy Ethiopian food might find Dahlak's to be a bit mild, but they will always accommodate requests for extra spicy.

-Mad Mex (American/Mex)Location: 3401 Walnut Street (the Shoppes at Penn in University City)
Price: $7-$12Atmosphere: Young, hip. Very popular hangout in University City
Pros: Has a decent bar menu, and a good amount of veg options. Food is all-around good.
Cons: My friend ordered a burrito with tofu instead of chicken (as it says you can do on the menu) and soon enough had a mouth full of chicken. It was a busy night, and while my friend was very forgiving, we are very very careful, and a bit stern when ordering now.

-Cedar's (Lebanese)Location: Cedars Restaurant 616 South Second Street Philadelphia, PA 19147
Price: $5-$12
Atmosphere: Quaint
Pros:Amazing Foul Moudamas! Absolutely loved it! The falafel was rated well by my boyfriend, and the Baklava was the BEST! (though it does contain honey, which I do not eat any longer)
Cons: None!